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Welcome to the official FC Barcelona Digital Collection that recovers plastic!
Choose your favorite collectible, own a piece of your club's history and be a game changer for the environment.

  • 3.000


  • 35.000

    Kg of Plastic Recovered

  • 4 matches


Plastic recovered

27.520 kg an amount equivalent to 908.200 plastic bottles (0.5l).

Main goal

35.000 kg

an amount equivalent to 908.200 plastic bottles (0.5l).

True Fans Only

Why would you buy these Digital Collectibles? Because they’re exclusively made for you, culer:

  • You’ll own a piece of Barça’s first Digital Collection ever.

  • You can sell or trade your collectibles.

  • With each purchase, you support initiatives that recycle plastic.

PLUS, you get to win a signed jersey for being awesome (and participating).

But wait, what does plastic have to do with football?
Well, each match creates 8 TONS of plastic waste; you do the math.
Over the next 3 years we aim to recover 1 MILLION kilograms of plastic from the environment. Shall we start?


Meet the collection

Choose your collectible and be the amazing environmentally conscious culer we know you can be.

Choose your collectible and be the amazing environmentally conscious culer we know you can be.

How it works?

Here’s a short video so you know how to make a purchase, in case you didn’t get it.

Meet Our Recovery Entities
These are the companies you will fund with every purchase you make. They are in charge of recovering and recycling plastic waste.
Know more and get to fall in love with them like we did.

Vintz Plastics Ltd.

Kenya, Nairobi City.

413,110 kg

Plastic recovered

Employing hundreds of people to remove waste from dump sites, rivers, land, and the sea, aiding workers in meeting their living needs.

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Esperanza Global

India, Punjab.

108,761 kg

Plastic recovered

Educating and collaborating with Safai Saathis to provide them with dignified employment in the waste collection and recycling industry.

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Reciclador Chile

Chile, Valparaíso.

39,611 kg

Plastic recovered

We recover and manage waste while empowering communities through environmental awareness and the promotion of sustainable practices.

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Rintz Industries

Kenya, Mombasa.

346,718 kg

Plastic recovered

Cleaning plastic waste from oceans, rivers, and landfills while empowering people through prevention, reduction, recycling, reuse, and awareness programs.

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Unlock exclusive experiences and enjoy valuable benefits by owning our unique digital items, crafted with the passion and dedication of FC Barcelona.

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  • Own a Piece of Sports History

    Our digital collectibles are inspired by the values of one of the most iconic sports clubs in the world, making them a piece of sports history that you can own and cherish.

  • Customize your Jersey for Free

    As a collector of our special digital items, you not only possess a piece of football history but also enjoy the privilege of customizing your jersey at no additional cost at any official FC Barcelona store.

  • Discover Unique Advantages

    As interest in digital collectibles grows, your unique item gains an increasing level of significance over time. Engage in the community by sharing or exchanging your unique item with other collectors.

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We are more than a club; we are a tribe united by our passion for the team and our shared responsibility towards the environment. This animal-themed collection not only embodies our passion but also showcases animals in nature's elements - water, air, sun, earth, and organic motifs, representing our commitment to preserving the natural world.

By joining this initiative and acquiring a collectible, you express your fervent passion alongside your beloved team and directly contribute to environmental conservation.

We invite you to unleash your passion, appreciate art, and become part of the mission to preserve our planet.

'Unleash Your Passion' is the theme of the first two collections with FC Barcelona. Future collection will include themes such as: 'Women and Sports', 'Online Games', 'More than a Club', among others.

In partnership, FC Barcelona and Plastiks commit to recover 1,000,000 kg of plastic, equivalent to 35,000,000 plastic bottles from countries such as India, Chile and Tanzania. This initiative signifies our first step together towards this collective goal.

The first collection consists of a total of 3,000 exclusive digital cards. There are 150 cards, with a limited edition of 20 copies of each. The value of this collection contributes to collecting a total of 35,000 kg of plastic from the environment, equivalent to the pollution generated by four football matches.

Digital cards, also known as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens), are a kind of collectible item in the digital world. They can be bought, sold, or traded online. Each digital card is unique and has an associated value, just like a physical card. The difference is that these digital cards are registered on a "blockchain," which is a kind of digital ledger that records all transactions and ensures that each card is authentic and unique.

So, when you acquire a digital card, you can be certain it is authentic and that nobody else can copy or forge it. Moreover, all the information about who owns the card and what transactions have been made with it is securely stored on the blockchain. This means that no company has the authority to take it away from you.

In reality, digital cards are digital assets in the cryptocurrency market, digital currencies that use cryptography to carry out secure transactions.

In short, digital cards present a new and exciting way to collect and trade collectible items in the digital world, with all the security and authenticity guarantees provided by blockchain technology.

While unfortunately some may be, it's important to understand that not all are. Like with any emerging technology, some may misuse it fraudulently for quick gains.

However, Plastiks is committed to leveraging these technologies for long-term environmental benefits. We partner with reputable brands, artists, and initiative and maintain transparency in our operations. Our mission is to fund projects to clean plastic waste, and we invite everyone to learn about these efforts. We strongly denounce crypto scams and strive to use this remarkable technology for positive impact.

While it's true that some blockchain technologies and projects can be energy-intensive and potentially harmful to the environment, particularly when their energy is sourced unsustainably, this isn't the case for all. For instance, Plastiks digital items are built on the Celo blockchain, which is actually carbon-negative.

Furthermore, every transaction involving Plastiks cards directly funds projects devoted to cleaning up plastic waste on our planet. In other words, the more you trade, the more we can contribute to a cleaner planet. So, blockchain technology can indeed be harnessed to promote environmental sustainability!

As a collector, you will have the opportunity to access exclusive experiences. Our team will contact you to provide detailed information about what experiences are available and how you can participate in them.

For example, our first exclusive collection includes a draw for 10 shirts signed by the winning players of the 2022-2023 Spanish League from FC Barcelona. With the purchase of any of our exclusive digital cards, you automatically enter the draw for the 10 shirts signed by 13 league champion players of 2022-2023.

Remember, both FC Barcelona and Plastiks workers do not participate in the draws as part of our ethical policy. So, buy your collectibles in our market and aspire to be the champion of the draw!

When you acquire one of our digital cards, it is stored in your digital wallet linked to the blockchain network. This means that the card is exclusively yours, protected by the security of blockchain technology. It is similar to having a physical collectible piece such as a stamp, coin, or sports card, but with much greater digital security.

However, it's important to remember that the security of your digital card also depends on the security of your account and your digital wallet. If you lose your access credentials or if someone fraudulently obtains them, it is possible that you may lose access to your card.

That's why it's crucial that you keep your access credentials in a safe place, use security methods such as two-step verification, and avoid sharing your account information. We also recommend that you make regular backups of your digital wallet.

If you follow these measures, the risk of losing your digital card will be minimal.