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Gravity Wave

Spain, Comunidad Valenciana.

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Our sustainable mission

Plastic has become a ubiquitous material in our oceans. It is part of people’s everyday life and it is a usual presence on its beaches and at sea. Every year, between 8 and 12 million tons of plastic are dumped into our seas and oceans. Only in the Mediterranean Sea (THE MOST POLLUTED SEA IN THE WORLD), 0.57 million tonnes of plastic enters its waters. This is equivalent to dumping 33,800 plastic bottles into the sea every minute. Without action, this number will keep growing as plastic waste generation in the region is expected to quadruple by 2050. If this happens, we will have more plastic than fish by that year and we are not going to allow it.

So Gravity Wave is 100% COMMITTED to end with this ridiculous statistics. We are a social, circular economy and environmental awareness company, driven to solve one of humanity's greatest challenges: plastic pollution of seas and oceans. First, we clean the plastic from the seabed and transform them into long-lasting design products and high sustainable value, through a circular economy process. In addition, we prevent the plastic that already exists (specially fishing nets) from ending up back in the waters. How do we do it? We know that we cannot do this alone. 1- We do it through a +4000 fishermen network around different mediterranean countries (Spain, Italy, Greece, France, Egypt..) to which we pay for every kg of plastic they take out from the sea. 2- On the next step, we use both oceanbound and coastal prevention plastic to build an incredibly resistant and beautiful material which is perfect for furniture and decoration use. This is our commitment, make it yours too, join the #PlasticFreeOceans movement. More info at

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2,730 kg. of plastic is recovered.

only 8,270 kg. left to meet our next goal

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What is a Plastic Credit (PC)?

The Plastic Credit (PC) is an NFT. The PC is rooted in real recovery data and is accessible for anyone to view. The information is stored on the blockchain for transparency, and traceability and is represented as a digital certificate.

A PC is proof that plastic was recovered and recycled.

You will receive the PC when you support the recovery of plastic. The images shown are from the flora & fauna from the location where the plastic is recovered.

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