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  • Customize your Jersey for Free: As a collector of our special digital items, you not only possess a piece of football history but also enjoy the privilege of customizing your jersey at no additional cost at any official FC Barcelona store.
  • Voucher for a night for 2 people in the room represented by your NFT
  • Complimentary breakfast and a VIP welcome
  • 100 Items
    525 kg Plastic recovered
    Feminine and colorful collection of digital illustrations of flowers and fruits with the aim of promoting a healthier and sustainable life. An inclusive, conscious and feminine look with elements that nourish our body and our planet.
    21 Items
    220 kg Plastic recovered
  • Café virtual, mención publicitaria por mis redes sociales
  • 2 Items
    200 kg Plastic recovered
    Plastic pollution is one of the world's biggest environmental problems. Everyone's life must be preserved without affecting the rules of nature. I feel part of making my contribution to involve a new lifestyle that takes into account the solution of irreversible pollution problems
    18 Items
    95 kg Plastic recovered
  • Recover plastic worldwide and create a positive impact
  • Help recover plastics across the globe
  • 5 Items
    30 kg Plastic recovered
  • Each NFT recovers plastic worldwide
  • We will do a 1 hour beach cleanup for each NFT purchased
  • 2 Items
    30 kg Plastic recovered
  • Arts
  • This collection will reward the top 3 gamers each week in june july and august of the mobile Game climate Ocean https://operal.shop/oceancleanup
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    Plastic waste in cities is a major environmental issue. It not only pollutes the land and water, but it also harms wildlife and can have negative impacts on human health. The production and consumption of plastic has increased significantly in recent years, and as a result, plastic waste has become a common sight in our cities.
    One of the main problems with plastic waste is that it takes hundreds of years to decompose. This means that every piece of plastic that has ever been produced is still present on the earth in some form. This is especially concerning when it comes to plastic waste that ends up in the ocean, as it can have devastating effects on marine life.
    There are several steps that individuals and communities can take to reduce the amount of plastic waste in our cities. For example, we can all make an effort to use reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags, and we can choose to purchase products that are packaged in less plastic. It is also important to properly dispose of plastic waste, rather than littering or allowing it to end up in our waterways.
    Governments and businesses also have a role to play in addressing the problem of plastic waste in cities. This can include implementing regulations to reduce the use of single-use plastic and investing in recycling infrastructure.
    Overall, it is crucial that we take action to reduce plastic waste in our cities. By working together, we can create a cleaner and more sustainable future for ourselves and for the planet
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  • Phone Wallpaper
  • https://discord.gg/crTTmjQ5
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